Induction Program 2023 – Day 5

The 5th day of the Induction Program which was scheduled on 26th September 2023, featured a series of captivating events. The program commenced with interactive session by Mr. Ravinder Kumar, Training and Placement Officer who discussed the significance of internship and highlighted the importance of developing skills and competencies required by today’s employer. He also emphasized on various career options for budding technocrats. Thereafter, medals and certificate were presented to the winners of Display your Talent competition organized day before.


Mr. Amit Verma renowned fitness and nutrition expert inspired and enlightened young minds about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and focusing on overall well-being. He emphasized on the significance of physical fitness, proper nutrition, and mental well-being in leading a balanced and healthy life. Ms. Sarabjeet Kour, Head of the Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities, presented a letter of appreciation to Mr. Verma.

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Following the engaging session, a seminar that offered valuable insights on social work and entrepreneurship was conducted by MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises).The Esteemed resource person  Dr. Navneet Kaur (Social Worker and Human Rights activist), Mr. Anil Suri (Entrepreneur) and Mr. Gurneet Singh, a Consultant in MSME, graced the event as key speakers. Dr. Navneet Kaur, emphasized the importance of social work and being a good human being, highlighting its significance alongside an engineering career. She shared her experiences and insights, inspiring the new entrants to incorporate social responsibility into their lives and make a positive impact on society. Mr. Anil Suri, an esteemed Entrepreneur, took the stage as the key note speaker, delivering a motivating talk that resonated deeply with the attendees. Mr. Suri drew from his own real-life experiences, sharing challenges and successes he encountered on his entrepreneurial journey. Mr. Gurneet Singh, shed light on various aspects of the MSME, including financial support, government initiatives, and market trends, equipping the new entrants with knowledge to navigate this promising arena. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta principal MBS extended his deepest gratitude to the esteemed speakers.

Furthermore, the students were made aware about various National Service Scheme (NSS) by the student coordinator Ms. Mannat Abrol of CSE department under the guidance of Mr. Ripu Daman Singh, Asst. Prof. (Mechanical Dept). The students were informed about various voluntary programmes conducted in college campus and were also motivated to join the club.

The program concluded with an exciting event called “Treasure Hunt” which left everyone feeling thrilled.

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