Induction Program –  Day 4

Day 4- Zumba

On September 25, 2023 the fourth day of the Induction Programme MBSCET witnessed an electrifying session of Zumba led by professional instructors Mr. Vikas Rathia and S. Ranjit Singh from Pulse dance academy. The performance set the stage for an energetic and fun-filled experience. Students enthusiastically participated in the high-energy workout, which not only promoted physical fitness but also instilled a sense of team spirit. The expressive dance moves and rhythmic exercises allowed students to enjoy the moment, creating an atmosphere of positivity and enthusiasm.

day 4 Pardeep Dutta

Following the energetic Zumba session, Mr. Pardeep Dutta, Senior Editor from Times Now took the stage to share his insights “Overcoming Adversity, Turning Challenges into Opportunities”. It was an enlightening session on motivation, determination, and the power of a positive attitude. The event aimed to inspire and empower students by emphasizing on the importance of these qualities in personal and professional life. As a senior editor at Times Now, Mr. Dutta has encountered various challenges and triumphs throughout his career. He captivated the audience with his eloquence and real-life anecdotes, inspiring them to embrace passion in their chosen fields and to approach challenges with unwavering determination.

Furthermore, the event showcased the remarkable talents of the students. The audience witnessed captivating performances in dance, singing, instrument, arm wrestling and painting.

The Induction Program provided a platform for students to not only showcase their abilities but also encouraged an atmosphere of encouragement and appreciation. Students were able to express themselves creatively and gain confidence in their talents, setting the stage for their academic journey ahead.

The program concluded by presenting a letter of appreciation as a token of gratitude to Mr. Vikas Rathia, S.Ranjit Singh and  Mr. Pardeep Dutta on behalf of management.

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