Induction Day 03

day 3 Yoga

The 3rd day of Induction Programme i.e. 22nd Sep’2023 started with a yoga session conducted by renowned yoga expert  Mr. Girdhari Lal and his team from Bharti Yoga Sansthan. The session aimed to encourage students to lead healthy and balanced life. They were introduced to various yoga asanas, Prayanam that enhance physical and mental well-being.


Thereafter, a seminar was conducted by “Winnovation Education Services”. The resource person Mr. Sarbinder Singh, Director Winnovation Education Services Pvt. Limited and Mr. Navdeep Singh, Sales & Marketing Manager. Mr. Singh, shared his expertise and shed light on the significant advancements and opportunities brought by emerging technologies. He focused on skill development and entrepreneurship. Mr. Singh gave an insight into all Emerging Technology Courses that are on huge demand such as Data Sciences, IoT, Cloud Computing, AI etc. Winnovation is running a centre at MBSCET where industry based training is provided to students including Live Projects, Live Internships, Short Term Certifications, and Full stack Emerging Technology Courses etc. The seminar encouraged the students to think critically and creatively in their future endeavours. Thereafter a certificate of appreciation was presented to Mr. Sarbinder Singh and Mr. Girdhari Lal Sharma from the college management.

The students were also shown a motivating short movie that uplifted their spirits and provided inspiration for their academic journey.

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