Jammu, 18 April 24 – Mahant Bachittar Singh College of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with Techno Solution Pvt Ltd , Jammu, conducted a comprehensive Workshop “Mastering Python” aimed at enhancing the programming skills of students for the 4th semester Computer Science and Information Technology departments. Mr. Balbir Singh, Director of Techno Solution, led the workshop, providing invaluable insights and hands-on training.

Recognizing its importance in today’s technology landscape, MBSCET and Techno Solution came together to offer this workshop, ensuring students are equipped with essential Python skills to excel in their careers. The workshop covered fundamental concepts of Python programming, advanced techniques, and real-world applications. Participants got the chance to engage with Mr. Balbeer Singh, ask questions, and receive personalized guidance to enhance their learning experience.

Through this Python Workshop, students not only acquired essential programming skills but also gain the confidence and expertise needed to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology, making it a truly transformative experience for their academic and professional journey.Python workshop

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