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On 28th-Feb-2024 a highly inspiring and motivating lecture for the students was conducted by APSH dept .The aim of the event was to encourage and inspire the students to reach their fullest potential and develop a strong sense of determination towards their goals.

The guest speaker for the event was Mr.Rahul Bhargav, an alumni of our college. Mr.Bhargav holds the prestigious position of an lieutenant in the Indian Army. In 2023,Mr.Bhargav  got commissioned as an officer in Indian Army. Only 12 officers were selected all over India and he was the  only one from Northern Command. He is Cross Country Gold medalist in OTA Chennai.

During the lecture, Mr.Bhargav shared his personal journey, challenges faced, and the valuable life lessons he learned during his time in the College. He delved into his personal journey in the Indian Army, highlighting the challenges and triumphs he encountered along the way. In addition, Lieutenant Bhargav emphasized the importance of starting to build essential interpersonal skills and  computer proficiency from the present moment.

The event was attended by both faculty members and students, who eagerly participated in the interactive session following the lecture. The students had the opportunity to ask questions and seek guidance from Rahul Bhargav, who graciously provided insights and advice on personal growth, career choices, and developing leadership qualities.

Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta(Principal),Prof.(Dr) Amrik Singh (Vice Principal), Ms.Sarabjeet Kour (HoD APSH)and

Dr.Sanjeev Singh (HoD E&C) facilitated lieutenant Bhargav by presenting a memento.




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