The students of the 2nd and 4th Semesters of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) at MBSCET, Jammu, have successfully completed a comprehensive 45-hour course on Machine Learning and Python. This course was meticulously designed and delivered by Winnovation Services Pvt. Ltd., Jammu, with the goal of equipping students with cutting-edge skills in these pivotal areas of technology.

The course was conducted under the expert guidance of Mr. Raees Ahmed, Academic Lead at Winnovation. The training sessions were organized and coordinated by Mr. Navdeep, Cordinator Wnnovation Services Pvt Ltd, ensuring a seamless educational experience for all participants.

The Valedictory session, marking the conclusion of this enriching program, was honoured by several distinguished guests. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Principal of MBSCET, Chief Guest for the event along with Dr. Amrik Singh, Vice Principal of MBSCET, and S.H.S. Gill, Dean of Students Welfare, graced the occasion with their presence.

From the academic leadership at MBSCET, Mrs. Ridhika Sharma, Head of the Department (HOD) of CSE, Mrs. Jasmeen Kaur, HOD of Information Technology (IT), and Mrs. Sarabjeet Kour, HOD of Applied Sciences and Humanities, were present to support and highlighted the achievements of the students.

Mr. Sarbarinder Singh, Director of Winnovation Education Services Pvt. Ltd., expressed his pride in the collaboration and the students’ accomplishments, emphasizing the importance of such courses in preparing students for future technological challenges.

Certificates on completion of the course were distributed to all participating students during the Valedictory session, acknowledging their hard work and dedication throughout the course.

This initiative is a testament to MBSCET’s commitment to providing its students with quality education and practical skills, ensuring preparedness for evolving demands of the tech industry.


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