MBS College of Engineering and Technology (MBSCET) organized 15-hour training program on SOTI Snap.

In collaboration with SOTI, MBS College of Engineering and Technology (MBSCET) successfully organized a comprehensive 15-hour training program on SOTI Snap. Aimed at Computer Science and Information Technology (CSE and IT) students in their 5th and 7th semesters, the program provided hands-on experience with the SOTI Snap mobile application tool.


The concluding day of the program featured an insightful interaction with Mr. Ishaan Mahajan, Senior Engineer at SOTI. Mr. Mahajan shared valuable perspectives on the significance of app-based technologies and their high demand in the software industry. This interaction enhanced students’ understanding of the real-world applications of their newly acquired skills.



Following the training, Winnovation announced the “SOTI SNAP Best APP Contest.” The contest aimed to challenge students to apply their training in developing mobile apps using SOTI Snap. Notably, the contest had an impressive 89 student registrations, with a total of 125 app attempts. Among these, 52 apps were published, and 40 were considered for evaluation.


The award ceremony, scheduled for 7th November 2023, took place in the CSE seminar room. The event was graced by the presence of HOD CSE Ms. Ridhika Sharma, HOD IT Ms. Jasmeen Kour, and Director of Winnovation Services PVT LTD, Mr. Sarbarinder Singh. The ceremony also featured Mr. Raees and Ms. Pavneet, Lead Trainers from Winnovation North, and Mr. Navdeep Singh, Marketing Head from SOTI.

The winners of the SOTI SNAP Best APP Contest have been selected based on their outstanding app creations:

  • 1st Winner (Cash Prize Rs. 5000): Krishna, CSE 5th Sem
  • 1st Runner-up (Cash Prize Rs. 3000): Mr. Deepender, CSE 5th Sem
  • 2nd Runner-up (Cash Prize Rs. 2000): Ms. Shreya, CSE 5th Sem

At this occasion, Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta , Principal MBSCET , emphasized that the success of the SOTI SNAP training program and the vibrant participation in the contest showcased the commitment of MBSCET, SOTI, and Winnovation in providing students with practical skills and opportunities. This event serves as a testament to the synergy between academia and industry, fostering innovation and preparing students for the dynamic landscape of the software industry. Congratulations to all participants and winners!

MBSCET Commemorate Barsi of Srimaan Mahant Bachittar Singh Ji


Tribute to Srimaan Mahant BAchittar Singh Ji

MBSCET Jammu organized series of events to pay tribute to Srimaan Mahant Bachittar Singh Ji on his barsi on 3rd Nov, 2023. At the outset of the function floral tributes were paid by S. Lakhbir Singh Ji Bawa Advisor, Dr. Jaswant Singh Retd. Director, Animal Husbandry Jammu and Chairman IGNOU Centre Sant Mela Singh College of Education Jammu, Dr. Harbaksh Singh, Chief Medical Officer Jammu, dignitaries, staff members and students. During tribute session Dr. Jaswant Singh threw light on the background of Dera Nangali Sahib Poonch. He highlighted the achievements of Dera Nangali Sahib Poonch and specially contributions made by Srimaan Mahant Bachittar Singh Ji during his life time’s devotion towards society as a whole and emphasized human values. He also highlighted the achievement of Srimaan Mahant Manjit Singh Ji, Sole Trustee MBS College in establishing Engineering College as per the vision of Srimaan Mahant Bachittar Singh Ji.

A seminar on the welfare of elderly persons was also organized in which Mr. Manjit Singh, Tehsil Welfare officer Jammu and Mr. Ranvir Singh Chib, Regional Manager, Indian Pollution Control Association were the main speakers. Mr. Manjit Singh shared his valuable insights about the challenges being faced by the elderly people in our society and we should look after the welfare of the elderly people.  Mr. Ranbir Singh Chib in his address highlighted the dangerous effects of plastics waste and suggested to manage the wastage scientifically to make environment worth living and pollution free.

A blood donation camp in collaboration with Directorate of Health services, J&K was organized in the college campus under the supervision of Dr. Harbaksh Singh along with the team of doctors and para staff from Government Hospital Gandhi Nagar Jammu, in which about 40 students donated blood.

A cleanliness drive under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan to clean Tavi River was also organized by the college under the supervision of Prof. Abhijit Saini, convener Swachh Bharat Abhiyan and Prof. Ripu Daman Singh, Convener NSS Unit in which about 100 NSS volunteers participated.

Prof.(Dr.) Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Principal addressed the gathering and expressed deep gratitude to all the distinguished guests who participated in the event.

Prof.(Dr.) Amrik Singh Vice Principal, Prof. Parveen Singh Dean Academics, S.Hardip Singh Gill D.S.W, HoD’s, teaching, non-teaching faculty members and students  remain present during these events.

 The programme was ably anchored by Prof. Surinder Kaur Bali and  Prof. Shivangi Gupta and coordinated by  Prof. Parveen Singh Dean Academics.


Tribute to Srimaan Mahant Bachittar Singh Ji by College Staff and Styudents


Dr. Jaswant Singh addressing the gathering




Mr. Manjit Singh sharing his views

5Mr. Ranvir Singh Chib addressing the audiance


Blood Donation Camp

WhatsApp Image 2023-11-03 at 1.34.30 PM

Blood Donated by Principal Prof. (Dr.) Dinesh Kumar Gupta


Swachh Bharat Abhiyan






A workshop on Web Development –PHP was conducted by Techno Solutions Gangyal , Jammu on November 1st and 2nd , 2023 in Computer Science Lab of MBS College of Engineering and Technology , Jammu. This workshop was specifically designed for 3rd-semester students in the Computer Science and Information Technology departments and offered them an opportunity to delve into web development, with a particular emphasis on PHP. The event aimed to provide an extensive, hands-on experience, enabling participants to build web applications from the ground up.workshop web development 1

Workshop Highlights: The workshop covered a wide range of topics, ensuring that participants gained a solid understanding of web development, PHP, and related concepts. Here are some of the key highlights:

  1. Basic HTML and CSS: The workshop began with an introduction to HTML and CSS, the building blocks of web development, allowing students to create structured and visually appealing web pages.
  2. Working with Tables and Forms: Students learned how to structure data using tables and create interactive web forms for user input.
  3. Understanding Post and Get Methods: The workshop delved into the HTTP Post and Get methods, emphasizing their significance in web development.
  4. Introduction to PHP: The introduction to PHP was comprehensive, ensuring that students were well-versed in its syntax, variables, and basic programming concepts.
  5. Working with MySQL Databases: The workshop covered database management, introducing MySQL, and teaching students how to create and manage databases and tables.
  6. Database Connectivity: Participants learned how to establish a connection between PHP and MySQL databases, enabling dynamic data retrieval and manipulation.
  7. Operations on Databases: The workshop delved into CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, allowing students to interact with databases effectively.
  8. File Uploading: File handling and uploading capabilities were discussed, enabling students to work with user-generated content.
  9. Uploading Web Pages on a Server: Students were taught the process of deploying their web applications to a web server, making their projects accessible online.
  10. Introduction to Other PHP Frameworks: Beyond core PHP, the workshop introduced students to other popular PHP frameworks like WordPress and Joomla.

Trainers: The workshop was conducted by a team of experienced trainers from TECHNOSOLUTIONS, led by Mr. Balbir Singh. He was supported by his team members, Mr.Ashok Kumar and Mr.Vishnu Sharma. Together, they provided hands-on guidance to each and every student, ensuring that participants received personalized attention and practical experience in web development and PHPworkshop web development

Conclusion: The SPARK WORKSHOP–WEB DEVELOPMENT (PHP) by TECHNOSOLUTIONS was a valuable opportunity for 3rd-semester CSE and IT students to acquire practical skills in web development, with a specific focus on PHP. The comprehensive coverage of essential topics, coupled with the expert guidance of the trainers, made this workshop a success. Participants left the workshop with a deeper understanding of web development and PHP, enabling them to create dynamic and interactive web applications. The fact that the workshop was free for MBS students further underscored TECHNOSOLUTIONS’ commitment to nurturing the talents of aspiring developers.

MBS College Organised Debate Competition on 28-10-2023

MBS College Organised Debate Competition

DEbate com 2023 (1)

On 28-10-2023 MBSCET Jammu organised a debate competition on “Artificial Intelligence: Boon or Bane” for the first year 2023 batch students. The aim of the competition was to provide a platform for the students to express their views on negative and positive implications of Artificial Intelligence on human life, society and other IT and non IT sectors.

Students namely Jasdeep Kour and Muneesh Singh from CSE Department were declared winners. The event was judged by Prof.(Dr.) Nitin Langar (HOD Electrical) and Prof. Shalini Sharma (Asst. Prof. ECE). Prof. (Dr.) D.K.Gupta Principal along Prof. (Dr.) Amrik Singh Vice-Principal, Prof. Sarbjeet Kour (HOD APSH) and other faculty members distributed the prizes.

Prof.(Dr.) Dinesh Kumar Gupta, Principal in his address motivated students to come forwards and participate in such events in future to explore their hidden talent and discover the potential within them.

The vote of thanks was presented by. Dr. Nitasha Jamwal (Asstt. Prof. APSH). The whole even was organized by APSH Department under the supervision of Prof. Sarbjeet Kour (HOD APSH)

DEbate com 2023 (4)

DEbate com 2023 (6)

DEbate com 2023 (5)

DEbate com 2023 (3)

DEbate com 2023 (2)

MBS College of Engineering and Technology in collaboration with SOTI recently concluded a 15-hour training program on SOTI Snap

MBS College of Engineering and Technology (MBSCET) in collaboration with SOTI recently concluded a 15-hour training program on SOTI Snap, a mobile application development tool. This report highlights the key events and outcomes of the program.


Training Program Overview:

  • The training program aimed to provide students in the 5th and 7th semesters of Computer Science and Information Technology (CSE and IT) with practical knowledge of mobile application development using SOTI Snap.
  • The program spanned 15 hours and involved hands-on sessions, lectures, and guidance from experienced professionals.



Interaction with Mr. Ishaan Mahajan:

  • On the final day of the program, Mr. Ishaan Mahajan, a Senior Engineer at SOTI, interacted with the students. He shared valuable insights about the importance of app-based technologies in the software industry.2
  • Mr. Mahajan’s interaction helped students understand the real-world significance of the skills they had acquired during the training.
  • SOTI SNAP Best APP Contest:
    • In continuation of the training program, Winnovation announced the “SOTI SNAP Best APP Contest.”
    • The contest encourages students to apply their newfound skills by developing mobile apps using SOTI Snap.
    • Important details of the contest include:
      • Deadline for app submission: 27th October 2023
      • Prizes:
        • First Prize: Best APP – Rs. 5,000/-
        • Second Prize: Rs. 3,000/-
        • Third Prize: Rs. 2,000/-

    Conclusion: The 15-hour training program on SOTI Snap, combined with Mr. Ishaan Mahajan’s insights, has equipped CSE and IT students with practical skills in mobile application development. The SOTI SNAP Best APP Contest provides an opportunity for students to showcase their talents and win valuable prizes while applying their knowledge.

    The training program and associated contest align with industry demands, preparing students for a successful career in the software industry while promoting creativity and competition.

MBSCET, Jammu Organizes Seminar on Research Publication Avenues

The Research and Development Cell of Mahant Bachittar Singh College of Engineering and Technology (MBSCET), Jammu, recemtly organized a seminar on “Research Publication Avenues”. The seminar was aimed at providing faculty members with an overview of the various types of research publications, conferences, symposiums, and journals available, as well as their classifications and merits.1

Dr. Ritesh Sharma, Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at MBSCET, was the key speaker at the seminar.In his keynote address, Dr. Sharma explained the different types of research publications and their importance in the academic world. He also discussed the various factors to consider when choosing a publication venue, such as the target audience, the impact factor, and the review process.

Dr. Sharma also emphasized the importance of attending conferences and symposiums to present one’s research work and network with other researchers. In addition to Dr. Sharma’s keynote address he shared their insights on the challenges and opportunities of publishing research work, as well as their advice for young researchers.

The seminar was attended by a large number of faculty members from MBSCET. The participants found the seminar to be informative and engaging, and they expressed their gratitude to the R and D Cell of MBSCET for organizing such a valuable event.2

Dr. Ritesh Sharma Encourages Faculty Members to Write Technical Journals. In his keynote address, Dr. Sharma encouraged the faculty members to write technical journals and be a part of the research community. He said that writing technical journals is a great way to share one’s research work with the world and make a contribution to the field of knowledge.

Dr. Sharma also highlighted the benefits of writing technical journals, such as:

  • Increased visibility and recognition in the academic community
  • Opportunities for collaborations and research funding
  • Opportunities for professional advancement
  • Enhanced personal satisfaction and fulfillment

Dr. Sharma urged the faculty members to overcome their inhibitions and start writing technical journals. He said that everyone has something unique to offer, and that every research work, no matter how small, is valuable.

The seminar on “Research Publication Avenues” was a success in providing faculty members with an overview of the various types of research publications, conferences, symposiums, and journals available, as well as their classifications and merits. The seminar also encouraged faculty members to write technical journals and be a part of the research community.

MBSCET R & D Cell Conducts Webinar on “Anatomy of Research Papers”

The R & D Incubation and Innovation Cell of Mahant Bachittar Singh College of Engineering and Technology, Jammu (MBSCET) organized a webinar on the topic “Anatomy of Research Papers” on October 17, 2023 for faculty members. The webinar was presented by Dr. Prashant Rawat, Assistant Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.

Dr. Rawat began his webinar by discussing the importance of writing high-quality research papers. He explained that research papers are the primary means of communicating new scientific knowledge to the community. A well-written research paper can help researchers to establish their expertise in their field, attract funding for their research, and collaborate with other researchers.

Dr. Rawat then went on to discuss the challenges that new research scholars face in writing research papers. He identified some of the common challenges as:

  • Choosing a suitable topic
  • Conducting a comprehensive literature review
  • Writing a clear and concise research proposal
  • Conducting the research and analyzing the data
  • Writing the research paper in a clear and concise style
  • Getting the research paper published in a peer-reviewed journal

Dr. Rawat then provided some tips to tackle the challenges faced by new research scholars in writing a paper. He discussed the ABT and OCAR approach to writing research papers.

The ABT approach stands for And, But, and Therefore. Dr. Rawat explained that the abstract should provide a concise overview of the research paper, including the research question, methodology, results, and conclusions. The body of the paper should contain a detailed description of the research, including the literature review, methodology, results, and discussion. The tables should be used to present the data in a clear and concise manner.The OCAR approach stands for Objectives, Claims, Arguments, and Rebuttal. Dr. Rawat explained that the objectives of the research paper should be clearly stated in the introduction. The claims of the research paper should be supported by evidence from the data. The arguments should be presented in a logical and persuasive manner. The rebuttal should address any potential objections to the claims of the research paper.

The webinar was attended by a all the faculty members from MBSCET. The webinar was very informative and well-received by the audience.


About Dr. PrashantRawat

Dr. PrashantRawat is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras. He received his Ph.D. from the Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbadand post doctorate from Hunan University, Changsha, China, before joining IIT Madras Dr. Rawat’s research interests include composites, material science, and simulation dynamics. He has published numerous research papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences.

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Mobile App Training Program by SOTI in MBSCET

Mobile App Training Program by SOTI in MBSCET

Soti Snap

MBS College of Engineering and Technology (MBSCET) in collaboration with SOTI (Canadian MNC), is organizing a 15-hours training program on SOTI SNAP, a mobile application tool, specifically designed for Computer Science & Engineering and Information Technology students of 5th and 7th semesters from 4th October, 2023.

The training program will take place in Winnovation Center Lab, set up within the campus itself. The Lab provides a conducive and accessible environment for students to engage in hands-on learning and experimentation.

SOTI SNAP is a mobile application development platform that allows for the rapid creation, deployment, and management of mobile apps without requiring extensive coding knowledge. This training program will provide students with valuable hands-on experience and skills related to mobile app development using this tool.

By targeting 5th and 7th semester CSE and IT students, the program aligns with their academic progression and ensures they have the foundational knowledge to make the most out of the training. The program aims to equip students with the necessary knowledge and practical skills to develop mobile applications using SOTI SNAP, enhancing their understanding of modern app development practices and technologies. It’s a fantastic opportunity for students to broaden their skill set and gain practical experience in a rapidly evolving field.

Induction Program 2023 – Day 5

Induction Program 2023 – Day 5

The 5th day of the Induction Program which was scheduled on 26th September 2023, featured a series of captivating events. The program commenced with interactive session by Mr. Ravinder Kumar, Training and Placement Officer who discussed the significance of internship and highlighted the importance of developing skills and competencies required by today’s employer. He also emphasized on various career options for budding technocrats. Thereafter, medals and certificate were presented to the winners of Display your Talent competition organized day before.


Mr. Amit Verma renowned fitness and nutrition expert inspired and enlightened young minds about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and focusing on overall well-being. He emphasized on the significance of physical fitness, proper nutrition, and mental well-being in leading a balanced and healthy life. Ms. Sarabjeet Kour, Head of the Department of Applied Sciences & Humanities, presented a letter of appreciation to Mr. Verma.

msme2 msme1

Following the engaging session, a seminar that offered valuable insights on social work and entrepreneurship was conducted by MSME (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises).The Esteemed resource person  Dr. Navneet Kaur (Social Worker and Human Rights activist), Mr. Anil Suri (Entrepreneur) and Mr. Gurneet Singh, a Consultant in MSME, graced the event as key speakers. Dr. Navneet Kaur, emphasized the importance of social work and being a good human being, highlighting its significance alongside an engineering career. She shared her experiences and insights, inspiring the new entrants to incorporate social responsibility into their lives and make a positive impact on society. Mr. Anil Suri, an esteemed Entrepreneur, took the stage as the key note speaker, delivering a motivating talk that resonated deeply with the attendees. Mr. Suri drew from his own real-life experiences, sharing challenges and successes he encountered on his entrepreneurial journey. Mr. Gurneet Singh, shed light on various aspects of the MSME, including financial support, government initiatives, and market trends, equipping the new entrants with knowledge to navigate this promising arena. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Gupta principal MBS extended his deepest gratitude to the esteemed speakers.

Furthermore, the students were made aware about various National Service Scheme (NSS) by the student coordinator Ms. Mannat Abrol of CSE department under the guidance of Mr. Ripu Daman Singh, Asst. Prof. (Mechanical Dept). The students were informed about various voluntary programmes conducted in college campus and were also motivated to join the club.

The program concluded with an exciting event called “Treasure Hunt” which left everyone feeling thrilled.

Induction Program 2023 – Day 4

Induction Program –  Day 4

Day 4- Zumba

On September 25, 2023 the fourth day of the Induction Programme MBSCET witnessed an electrifying session of Zumba led by professional instructors Mr. Vikas Rathia and S. Ranjit Singh from Pulse dance academy. The performance set the stage for an energetic and fun-filled experience. Students enthusiastically participated in the high-energy workout, which not only promoted physical fitness but also instilled a sense of team spirit. The expressive dance moves and rhythmic exercises allowed students to enjoy the moment, creating an atmosphere of positivity and enthusiasm.

day 4 Pardeep Dutta

Following the energetic Zumba session, Mr. Pardeep Dutta, Senior Editor from Times Now took the stage to share his insights “Overcoming Adversity, Turning Challenges into Opportunities”. It was an enlightening session on motivation, determination, and the power of a positive attitude. The event aimed to inspire and empower students by emphasizing on the importance of these qualities in personal and professional life. As a senior editor at Times Now, Mr. Dutta has encountered various challenges and triumphs throughout his career. He captivated the audience with his eloquence and real-life anecdotes, inspiring them to embrace passion in their chosen fields and to approach challenges with unwavering determination.

Furthermore, the event showcased the remarkable talents of the students. The audience witnessed captivating performances in dance, singing, instrument, arm wrestling and painting.

The Induction Program provided a platform for students to not only showcase their abilities but also encouraged an atmosphere of encouragement and appreciation. Students were able to express themselves creatively and gain confidence in their talents, setting the stage for their academic journey ahead.

The program concluded by presenting a letter of appreciation as a token of gratitude to Mr. Vikas Rathia, S.Ranjit Singh and  Mr. Pardeep Dutta on behalf of management.