A workshop on Web Development –PHP was conducted by Techno Solutions Gangyal , Jammu on November 1st and 2nd , 2023 in Computer Science Lab of MBS College of Engineering and Technology , Jammu. This workshop was specifically designed for 3rd-semester students in the Computer Science and Information Technology departments and offered them an opportunity to delve into web development, with a particular emphasis on PHP. The event aimed to provide an extensive, hands-on experience, enabling participants to build web applications from the ground up.workshop web development 1

Workshop Highlights: The workshop covered a wide range of topics, ensuring that participants gained a solid understanding of web development, PHP, and related concepts. Here are some of the key highlights:

  1. Basic HTML and CSS: The workshop began with an introduction to HTML and CSS, the building blocks of web development, allowing students to create structured and visually appealing web pages.
  2. Working with Tables and Forms: Students learned how to structure data using tables and create interactive web forms for user input.
  3. Understanding Post and Get Methods: The workshop delved into the HTTP Post and Get methods, emphasizing their significance in web development.
  4. Introduction to PHP: The introduction to PHP was comprehensive, ensuring that students were well-versed in its syntax, variables, and basic programming concepts.
  5. Working with MySQL Databases: The workshop covered database management, introducing MySQL, and teaching students how to create and manage databases and tables.
  6. Database Connectivity: Participants learned how to establish a connection between PHP and MySQL databases, enabling dynamic data retrieval and manipulation.
  7. Operations on Databases: The workshop delved into CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations, allowing students to interact with databases effectively.
  8. File Uploading: File handling and uploading capabilities were discussed, enabling students to work with user-generated content.
  9. Uploading Web Pages on a Server: Students were taught the process of deploying their web applications to a web server, making their projects accessible online.
  10. Introduction to Other PHP Frameworks: Beyond core PHP, the workshop introduced students to other popular PHP frameworks like WordPress and Joomla.

Trainers: The workshop was conducted by a team of experienced trainers from TECHNOSOLUTIONS, led by Mr. Balbir Singh. He was supported by his team members, Mr.Ashok Kumar and Mr.Vishnu Sharma. Together, they provided hands-on guidance to each and every student, ensuring that participants received personalized attention and practical experience in web development and PHPworkshop web development

Conclusion: The SPARK WORKSHOP–WEB DEVELOPMENT (PHP) by TECHNOSOLUTIONS was a valuable opportunity for 3rd-semester CSE and IT students to acquire practical skills in web development, with a specific focus on PHP. The comprehensive coverage of essential topics, coupled with the expert guidance of the trainers, made this workshop a success. Participants left the workshop with a deeper understanding of web development and PHP, enabling them to create dynamic and interactive web applications. The fact that the workshop was free for MBS students further underscored TECHNOSOLUTIONS’ commitment to nurturing the talents of aspiring developers.

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