MBS College of Engineering organized Parent-Teacher Meeting

On June 10, 2023, Mahant Bachittar Singh College of Engineering and Technology, a premier educational institution dedicated to fostering excellence in engineering and technology, organized a Parent-Teacher Meeting (PTM).

The meeting aimed to bridge the gap between parents, students, and faculty members, recognizing the crucial role of parental involvement in shaping a student’s academic journey. By facilitating direct communication between parents and teachers, the college sought to foster a strong support system that would promote student success and holistic development.

During the occasion, guardians communicated their genuine appreciation for the college’s proactive drive in arranging the PTM. They acknowledged that the meeting had given them a chance to have an open conversation, which helped them better comprehend their wards academic progress, strengths, and weaknesses. In addition, the PTM made it possible for parents to actively participate in the development of efficient strategies for their children’s academic and personal development.

Parents and teachers engaged in lively discussions for academic performance, extracurricular activities, career guidance, and overall well-being. Parents were able to seek guidance and advice from seasoned educators during the interactive sessions, allowing them to make informed decisions regarding their wards future.

Additionally, the parents appreciated the initiatives taken by the college for conducting workshops, seminars, and extracurricular activities, which aim to improve students’ overall educational experience and career prospects.

Principal, Dr. D. S Pundhir emphasized the significance of parental involvement in a student’s educational journey. He said, “We firmly believe that collaboration between parents and teachers is essential for students’ overall development.”

Vice Principal Dr. Amrik Singh and Dean (Academics) Prof. Parveen Singh thanked all the parents who attended the PTM, which was a huge success. The college will continue to work toward improving the relationship between students, their parents, and teachers and creating a collaborative setting that helps each student reach their full potential.

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